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Through the use of testing, we provide answers regarding one's functioning along with diagnostic impressions, thorough recommendations, and resources for next steps in order to help pave the way for fostering positive change and growth.


Integrative Evaluations, LLC specializes in Neuropsychological Evaluations and offers adjunct testing, including Psychoeducational (Academic), Guardianship, Career Interest/Survey, and Personality assessments. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide answers to questions surrounding neuropsychological functioning, as well as mental health and behavioral issues.

Evaluation determination is made by the Psychologist and is based on referral questions, presenting issues, and how the results will be used.

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Our evaluations are very thorough and identify various functional aspects, such as cognitive (IQ), attention, executive functioning, processing, learning, memory,visual-spatial, verbal, social, emotional, behavioral, and personality aspects. The doctors consider multiple sources of data when making diagnostic impressions, including test scores and results, background information, behavioral observations, and other information. Our testing process also allows for the identification of very specific and tailored recommendations for care and treatment for each individual being assessed.


The answers received through our evaluations can help empower future growth and development in order to reach optimal functioning. Having an understanding of specific underlying factors that contribute to presenting issues is a critical stepping stone to foster change. These answers provide direction for care and treatment, help identify necessary supports, facilitate recognition of unmet needs, and build upon strengths to nurture resiliency. This foundational knowledge is an integral component to help flourish both psychologically and developmentally throughout life.

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